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Unlock revenue with better data

Hunch Metrics is a new attribution platform that enables digital marketers and business owners to make better revenue-driven marketing decisions.

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Power a better strategy 

with metrics that matter

Better attribution

Fill the gap between revenue and digital channels and see exactly where revenue is coming from.

Focus on revenue

Move away from conversion focused marketing and start focus on the metrics that matter.

Decrease spend

See where you’re wasting money and optimise your campaigns for better performance.

Make better 
marketing decisions

A conversion can mean many things; sign-up, ebook download, or email subscriber but the only thing that really matters is revenue.

With hunch metrics, you can see which of your campaigns are resulting in revenue (and which aren’t) to help you make better marketing decisions.

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How Hunch Metrics works

We integrate with your billing engine and digital marketing sources to create a ‘closed-loop’. Hunch Metrics keeps a record of a visitor's first-touch event on your record and matches that up when they decide to buy.

  • No time limits: We can match first touch to a sale over any period of time.
  • Tracking down to any ad: We can track a sale right down to a particular ad in a campaign across all digital marketing platforms.

Who is Hunch Metrics for?

Hunch Metrics is for the businesses wanting to getting better insights into their revenue.

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