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Unlock revenue with better data

Hunch Metrics is a new attribution platform that enables digital marketers and business owners to make better revenue-driven marketing decisions.

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    Develop a growth strategy backed by deeper business data

    Find it easy to attribute leads but can’t attribute revenue? Hunch Metrics uses deep data tracking to reveal which of your digital channels result in revenue. 

    Fill the gap

    Piece together revenue and digital channels to see the full picture of marketing performance.

    Optimise budget

    See where your budget is going to waste and uncover scalable growth opportunities.

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    Who is Hunch Metrics for?

    Hunch Metrics unlocks growth marketing opportunities by matching your revenue to first-touch website events.


    Optimise your spend for increased revenue.


    Unlock growth opportunities for clients.


    Go beyond the sign-up and see which of your digital channels are generating the most ROI.

    Make better 
marketing decisions

    A conversion can mean many things; sign-up, ebook download, or email subscriber but the only thing that really matters is revenue.

    With hunch metrics, you can see which of your campaigns are resulting in revenue (and which aren’t) to help you make better marketing decisions.

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    Hunch Metrics how it works

    How Hunch Metrics works

    We integrate with your billing engine and digital marketing sources to create a ‘closed-loop’.  Hunch Metrics keeps a record of a visitor’s first-touch event on your record and matches that up when they decide to buy.

    Long journeys

    Track long sales cycles back to first-touch events of your website.

    Accurate Attribution

    Hunch assigns anonymous IDs to track events and revenue.

    Free ebook: Shifting to a revenue attribution model

    Get our free ebook and learn how a revenue attribution model can enable you to make better marketing decisions that make a difference to your bottom line.

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